Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour at JW Marriot

26th March 2011 marks the 3rd year of us participating n showing our support towards Earth Hour..

Our first time was in 2009 when we were at Mutiara Hotel, JB. Coincidentally hubs had work n we happened to be there during Earth Hour. It was a fun celebration of a kinda 'mini party' for in house guest. We were seated at the lobby, entertained by an in house performer and given fruit punch n canapes.

Had an invitation from Grand Dorsette, Subang Jaya in 2010. There was an event at the lounge plus organic buffet at the coffee house. The guest of honour is Dato' Mazlina, the lady who went to the Antarctic n shared her experience.

As we were contented with work for the past 2 years. We planned to spend time at bintang walk or Pavilion this year. Apparently there wasn't so much of a celebration then, except some event by Body Shop.

Walked to Marriot n felt so enthusiastic too see the darkness.. Went inside n took lotsa several pics.. Really got excited to see n pose with all these lampoo lampoo... Hehehhe...

Most public area's lights of Marriot were shut down / dimmed, except for the banquet hall. Mostly we lit up by candles. I even had a chance to lit up candles at Feast Village, an area in front of the live performance stage.

Even after 9.30, most outlet of Feast Village were remained dim, with the help of candles of coz. Personally felt proud that it's good way of Marriot contributing in preserving this earth.

Way to go Marriot!!
*Clap clap*

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  1. malam tu.
    me cakap dengan ray~

    " Kak amy sure tak da kat rumah..dia musti sudah pergi sambut earth hour,di hotel-hotel yg berhampiran !! "


  2. megat,
    u ni macam taw2 je kn.. me mcm mana...
    harus la...
    suka sambut dekat hotel2, best tgk cara dorg deco earth hour!!!


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