Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Final Gelanggang

I've never actually watched nor follow Raja Lawak (RL) 5, unlike what I did for RL4 last year, probably coz of work relatively.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the finals, I had the urge of going. Searched for the tickets high n low, but none seemed to succeed till Adam finally offered, felt so happy that I could go more than me.

Got my colleague, Fyza to accompany me along with another colleague Shafiq n friends n Adam. Met Lina n Nazzya earlier before getting in the hall as they will be leaving for Singapore soon.

Not gonna say much abt the show but to compare with RL4's finals, both are equally good but as for Musical Comedy, I preferred RL4. The songs were longer n more humorous.

After the show, I met the guys of RL4. The ones that used to stay at our place during the season. Gosh! How I missed them. Of coz they still remember us, glad they did. Dorg sggt fun, happening, friendly n most important, ✗ sombong (unlike the current reality show contestant that stays in... Opps!! Tettttttt ✗ name mentioned eh, but ✗ RL of coz)..

I met Kecik (the winner), Alex, Mamu, Caca, Tepet (kump An2) n JD.. Some of them were on Karpet Lawak. But poor JD, Shiera didn't recognize him. Well, he was the 2nd one eliminated, dat's the reason. But he was indeed positive about it, as he always is. Bet he's doing better out there..

And all the best to u guys ya..
N congratulation to the new winner, Man ツ
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  1. i tau laaaaa siapa.. hehe..

    - Lina RD


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