Saturday, March 12, 2011

Breakfast Kampung style

Rise n shine Hotel UiTM :D

Got a breakfast voucher at the Coffee House but passed it over 2 my aunt.. Mum somehow wanna have bfst with her sis.. Furthurmore, we wanna have sumthg local..

Left our king size bed rather early n have a walk along the sub-urban area of Permatang Pauh.. (Not Westeria Lane ok.. Lol)..

We had a walk along the road to find somwhere nice to have a simple breakfast..

We then settled at a 'warung' which sells multi 'kuih melayu'.. We bought
pulut panggang, mini murtabak, pulut inti (in banana leaf) n what I like the most is the pau.. I always like the 'kampung' style of pau.. Simple n small.. I normally go for kaya or red bean.. But the inti kelapa is rather nice...

Only RM0.30 per piece..

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