Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour at JW Marriot

26th March 2011 marks the 3rd year of us participating n showing our support towards Earth Hour..

Our first time was in 2009 when we were at Mutiara Hotel, JB. Coincidentally hubs had work n we happened to be there during Earth Hour. It was a fun celebration of a kinda 'mini party' for in house guest. We were seated at the lobby, entertained by an in house performer and given fruit punch n canapes.

Had an invitation from Grand Dorsette, Subang Jaya in 2010. There was an event at the lounge plus organic buffet at the coffee house. The guest of honour is Dato' Mazlina, the lady who went to the Antarctic n shared her experience.

As we were contented with work for the past 2 years. We planned to spend time at bintang walk or Pavilion this year. Apparently there wasn't so much of a celebration then, except some event by Body Shop.

Walked to Marriot n felt so enthusiastic too see the darkness.. Went inside n took lotsa several pics.. Really got excited to see n pose with all these lampoo lampoo... Hehehhe...

Most public area's lights of Marriot were shut down / dimmed, except for the banquet hall. Mostly we lit up by candles. I even had a chance to lit up candles at Feast Village, an area in front of the live performance stage.

Even after 9.30, most outlet of Feast Village were remained dim, with the help of candles of coz. Personally felt proud that it's good way of Marriot contributing in preserving this earth.

Way to go Marriot!!
*Clap clap*

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lunch at Yasmin's

My colleague Yasmin was on leave. Therefore she invited us for lunch at her place.

It was a simple yet delightful meal at her crib. She prepared white rice with marvelous lauk pauk - udang goreng, ikan cencaru bakar, sambal ikan, ayam goreng crispy, mix vege n vegetable soup..

We ate our heart out. Thank goodness we were running outta time. Or else we would've taken a 'rest' at her windy home before heading back to the office.

Meanwhile, her chubby bundle of joy, Aryssa really got our attention. Loving her cheek, arm n thigh...

Thx a lot for the great lunch, min.. الحمدلله

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Satay Madura at Ara

Feels like having a taste of Satay Madura as tweet-suggested by Bash at an Indonesian Restoran (resto) in Kg. Kayu Ara, Damansara...

Got the direction n made our way right to Kg Kayu Ara.. On the day itself.. Gigih.. ✗ tunggu lagi..

We settled at this authentic Indonesian stall-like place..

There are 3 types of satay - chicken, beef n mutton.. We had chicken n beef.. Omg! Omg! Ia sangat sedap... The chic is gemuk, gebu n lembut..

The kuah is slightly different from our kuah kacang.. Bash kata, ask for kuah campur n banjir.. It is served with kuah kacang plus kuah kicap yg sangat pedas.. Bet the pedasness made people crave for more..

The satay is accompanied by either lontong or nasi.. We had lontong and it's not quite the same with our nasi himpit.. Lembut n tasty..

We also had bakso.. The bakso seemed big and I don't quite fancy big bakso, it's normally tough.. But this soft.. The soup really tasted good.. Well, juz remembered Madura is well known for its Soto.. So, harusla tasty..

After gobbling only we came to realize that it is not the shop Bash was referring to :O the one he was talking to is at the other road... Adoyyyy... But we were like.. If kedai ✗ salah pun sedap, what more the correct one...

Got the direction, found the actual shop n insyaAllah we'll check out again.. Well, thx a lot for sharing ツ

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Cheering Maizan up ♥

Maizan has always been a dear friend of mine.. Eversince..

Therefore, when she is feeling down, I did my best to cheer her up.. Even got her some balloons from Balloon Buzz..

Took her to Curve as she needed to indulge herself with some dessert.. Considering Tony Romas n Bubba Gump, but since craved for waffle, I suggested Gelare..

We had chocolate chips waffle topped by Chocolate Overload ice cream.. No doubt it was sinfully delicious..The service was kinda slow. Waited almost 20 minutes for a waffle.. But it was worth as it tasted good.. Crispy at the outside n fluffy in the inside..

Later we had a walk at the flee market n got Chocolate Strawberry..

It was a brief yet fun day out. Hope it had made your day, gal.. - just want u to be happy.. Do hang in there.. Don't feel too down for there may be blessing in disguise..

Love u heaps ♥

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Final Gelanggang

I've never actually watched nor follow Raja Lawak (RL) 5, unlike what I did for RL4 last year, probably coz of work relatively.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the finals, I had the urge of going. Searched for the tickets high n low, but none seemed to succeed till Adam finally offered, felt so happy that I could go more than me.

Got my colleague, Fyza to accompany me along with another colleague Shafiq n friends n Adam. Met Lina n Nazzya earlier before getting in the hall as they will be leaving for Singapore soon.

Not gonna say much abt the show but to compare with RL4's finals, both are equally good but as for Musical Comedy, I preferred RL4. The songs were longer n more humorous.

After the show, I met the guys of RL4. The ones that used to stay at our place during the season. Gosh! How I missed them. Of coz they still remember us, glad they did. Dorg sggt fun, happening, friendly n most important, ✗ sombong (unlike the current reality show contestant that stays in... Opps!! Tettttttt ✗ name mentioned eh, but ✗ RL of coz)..

I met Kecik (the winner), Alex, Mamu, Caca, Tepet (kump An2) n JD.. Some of them were on Karpet Lawak. But poor JD, Shiera didn't recognize him. Well, he was the 2nd one eliminated, dat's the reason. But he was indeed positive about it, as he always is. Bet he's doing better out there..

And all the best to u guys ya..
N congratulation to the new winner, Man ツ
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

tantalizing Tuesday

Another merepexness :

There nothing much that I wanna ask after long hours at work on Tuesday evening....

Subway's Tuna Sub of the day


gLee season 2


Desperate Housewives season 7

= what a tantalizing Tuesday!!!

Do excuse my absurd entry... I was just being all mixed up... Tired.. Lotsa unsettled stuff at work... Yet entertained with the exciting episodes of my favorite TV series... My darlink Sista Lina the Drama Queen is in town... Yet to meet her soon...


Monday, March 14, 2011

Visit to Gani Pasembur of Padang Kota

Had a trip up north in conjunction with my niece's wedding occasion... The wedding was held at Seberang Jaya but since we were already at Penang, might as well pay a lil visit to the island... Padang Kota Lama precisely (as Mum calls it Esplanade).

The main reason for us to be there is to check out the Pasembur... There are 2 Pasembur in Padang Kota but we always go for GANI Pasembur.. The other one x berapa nak sedap.. N sombong plak tu... 

Tip :
Do seat some where around the stall that u wanna eat at.. If u seat elsewhere, u will have to order from the stall surrounding your seat.. Talking thru experience...

Just have a look at the choices they have at Gani.. Loved the way they arrange the food stuff... FYi, the 'cucur udang' is delicious.. The best amongst other items... It's top right layer... N also top left... Sangat crispy...

But be careful of what u take.. U may be surprise with the price if u're careful... Avoid taking luxurious items such as crab n prawn, unless u are willing to pay for it...

Joke mentioned by Edil in my FB pic :
"ada tourist pekena pasemboq..pastu tersemboq dengaq harga..kekeke..kena katok!.
p/s..xdak kena mengena ngan gerai ni..hehe."

Look at served pasembur... Meriah kan... We had kuih udang, potato, fish cake, fucuk, etc.. Served with sengkuang and cucumber... Cost around RM 19.00.. Mum says the gravy taste good... Kinda sweet, but not too bad...

Even tapau-ted to sets to ea taken back home - and it cost RM 35.00 for both :O

Besides passembur, we also had Mee Udang which cost RM8.00... The taste - ok ok lar... Nothing extraordinary... But the prawn are big n fresh...

Gosh!!! Penang is sucha food heaven...
Gonna really gonna miss Penang...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Breakfast Kampung style

Rise n shine Hotel UiTM :D

Got a breakfast voucher at the Coffee House but passed it over 2 my aunt.. Mum somehow wanna have bfst with her sis.. Furthurmore, we wanna have sumthg local..

Left our king size bed rather early n have a walk along the sub-urban area of Permatang Pauh.. (Not Westeria Lane ok.. Lol)..

We had a walk along the road to find somwhere nice to have a simple breakfast..

We then settled at a 'warung' which sells multi 'kuih melayu'.. We bought
pulut panggang, mini murtabak, pulut inti (in banana leaf) n what I like the most is the pau.. I always like the 'kampung' style of pau.. Simple n small.. I normally go for kaya or red bean.. But the inti kelapa is rather nice...

Only RM0.30 per piece..

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Uncle Chilli Amcorp

Dropped by Amcorp to meet a friend.. Since we were there, might as well have lunch there.. As for me, the only thing I had in mine is Subway hehehe... But plsss, can always have it in Shah Alam Mall knnn...

Hubs took me 2 Uncle Chilli at the lower ground floor.. I was like.. Uncle Chilli?? But it has totally nothing to do with the one in Hilton PJ.. Lol

Hubs had Thai Style Chicken Chop Rice.. The rice is almost as good as The Chicken Rice shop.. The Thai style chicken is really tasty.. Just like the one we use to have in Brickfields.. Around RM9 plus..

I had Golden Beancurd.. Served with Broccoli.. Apparently the broccoli is not as much the one in pic.. Hehehheee.. But it was really filling.. Kenyang sggt.. Cost only RM10..

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From Singapore with ♥

It was such a lovely day when I got 2 gifts from Singapore..

The first one is a fridge magnet from Universal Studio Singapore. It's slightly different from other USS FM that I got, it brings the image of BETTY BOOP! It's an animated character - but sucha hot n sexy one.. Loving the lips.. Mwahhhsx... (Megat pun kata cantekk :)

Later in the evening, Azim called said he was on his way to hand over the dark chocolate sticks that I ordered from my lovely sista, Lina ratu Drama.. It's mint, coffee n orange dark chocolate sticks. Plus another one which contains 75% of cocoa.. I wanted 80% but it wasn't available.. As for me - the darker, the better.. But is is pretty cool too..

Been with Azim for a while, Lina pun will be here in 10 days time. Btw, thx 2 both of u.. Sebaik dark choc ✗ bertukar jadi DIN DANG or TORA!! Lol

Ps : great having the 'C-tans' (Moris & Azim) around..
Sebaik my ikan n cats selamat.. Lallalaa

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Birthday Surprise :D

As I thought all the birthday thingy is over (besides the karaoke date with my Assunta buddies), there was another surprise which I least expect (so does others)..

It comes from my beloved office mates.. It was a simple one, yet meaningful n sweet..  Really appreciate it :D

Thanx to my fellow Sales Team.. M so glad I got great colleagues who can get along well n become good buddies.. Yeayyy... 

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blissful Birthday Ever

It was my birthday!!! I didn't plan for celebration nor any grand occasion.. Apparently I juz had little celebration with my loved one... Coincidentally there were few events that made my birthday a special one... Guess less is more... All these really touches my heart..

Family Celebration

The first occasion is with my beloved Keluarga Al-Bajuri.. It was in conjunction with our monthly meeting.. Since it was gonna be take place on the 27th (a day before our birthday), my so called twin n i decided to have our birthday celebration.. Along with other February celebrants... Guess the last time we celebrated it was way back in the primary school days...

Cerebrating it with all February babies... The one in brown top is Eila.. We calls ourselves 'twin' as we were both born on February 28th.. 35 years ago... She was born at around 3pm and i got out a lil later, 11.52pm... Thank goodness i was 8 minutes earlier... Or else i'll be celebrating my birthday once in 4 years... Fyi, the year we were born in was a leap year.. Happy birthday my dear twin!!! Thanx for being sucha great cuz...

Surprise from Zarina
Zarina is my bff eversince were in Assunta... I've calculated and realized that we've been friends for 20 years :o I'm so glad our friendship stays this long.. and more years to come...

She called early in the morning asked for my plan.. She invited for breakfast but i had to decline as i had other plan with hubs... She called back 10 minutes later and said she's at my doorstep.. OMG!!! I'm not a bit ready n came down with such an unrepresentable look... She came over for a Happy Birthday Wish n handed over some cuppies (she a cuppie tokeh!!)...

it's walnut red velvet, vanilla & carrot walnut
- loved it this way, without the topping!!