Tuesday, March 8, 2011

From Singapore with ♥

It was such a lovely day when I got 2 gifts from Singapore..

The first one is a fridge magnet from Universal Studio Singapore. It's slightly different from other USS FM that I got, it brings the image of BETTY BOOP! It's an animated character - but sucha hot n sexy one.. Loving the lips.. Mwahhhsx... (Megat pun kata cantekk :)

Later in the evening, Azim called said he was on his way to hand over the dark chocolate sticks that I ordered from my lovely sista, Lina ratu Drama.. It's mint, coffee n orange dark chocolate sticks. Plus another one which contains 75% of cocoa.. I wanted 80% but it wasn't available.. As for me - the darker, the better.. But is is pretty cool too..

Been with Azim for a while, Lina pun will be here in 10 days time. Btw, thx 2 both of u.. Sebaik dark choc ✗ bertukar jadi DIN DANG or TORA!! Lol

Ps : great having the 'C-tans' (Moris & Azim) around..
Sebaik my ikan n cats selamat.. Lallalaa

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