Monday, April 25, 2011

D'One Steak, Section 7 Shah Alam

It may be just an ordinary western food restaurant... But should one is looking for a simple, reasonable and non elaborate western food (halal of coz) do give a try at D'One Steak...

This outlet is a branch of Bandar Baru Bangi, also located at Section 7... Been there last year, guess the menu are the same plus more varieties..

It is located in Section 7 - same row as Hakim, Mo'men and &eleven...

We had simple dinner... Cheesy fish... Chicken Cordon Bleu... Mango juice...

Pretty fair for RM 3.80

Chicken Cordon Bleu & Cheesy fish... 

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Fair portion... Bread crumb coating... It's chicken breast filled with cheese...
We tried 2 types of sauces (out of 3) - black pepper & sweet sour.. Guess it blends well with the sweet sour sauce...

Cheesy Fish
Baked dory fish with thin layer coating.. Topped up with slice cheese and baked together...
As a fish lover, of coz it did me good...
As usual, i'll save the best (the cheesy part) for last

Fair place to dine in.. But not so much of a hang-up / lepak venue.. Not overly priced... One still dine in at 'wee hours' of the month (as in, before gaji is what i meant)... lol

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That Little Gerai, Lembah Keramat

Checked out another cool venue for dinner... It's called 'That Little Gerai'.. What a cute name...

Also labelled as Gerai Western Jalanan Paling Sedap...
it was supposed to be paling sedap di Malaysia.. but i dare not say so... bukan apa, there may be another one that's better, so it's up to one's tastebuds to judge...

What we had :


Monday, April 11, 2011

Burger Bobby, Taman Permata

Despite the fact of me being head over heels, addicted n totally hooked for Ijan Burger of Paroi, Seremban.. We still have our crayzee hobby of gobbling something new...

Burger Bobby Simpang Tiga is a well known spot burger at the area of Ulu Klang.. Amongst blogger n forums.. After reading it via web, me n hubs decided to check it out, since we were somewhere around the area..

the list of products

Bob's lil spot is located at Taman Permata..

address :

5, Jalan AU 5C/1,
Taman Lembah Keramat,
54200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 013-640 2237 (Bob) / 017-268 1781 (Caer)

GPS Coordinate: N3 12.118 E101 45.278

waktu operasi secara rasmi :1pm - 4am (according to Bob, it depends on the crowd)

Landmark : Giant TP

How we got there : - made our way via MRR2 -took the junction at Giant - straight ahead till u see a PAS signboard on our left (just before Petronas) - turn left - Bob's spot is on our left - u wouldn't missed it...
if u passed Petronas, meaning dat dah terlepas the junction...

Bob's lil corner adalah sangat comel (macam Bob jugak).. It's a cute stall located at one of the houses.. There are few tables n chairs for the customers to gobble. Heard it's a good lepak spot.. But i do wonder how they hang out looking at the space.. There are also several artist whom lepak here... Kewlness...

We ordered Double Special with Cheese - as for a start, i'd like something basic.. Just for me to get my bench of the taste n quality (furthurmore, it's what i like n normally order)... 

Just to share on how Bob got things done :

The way he got his patty done 
- there were 3 of us.. we ordered the same.. 
so that's the reason there are 6 patties...

I love burger special - but i am particular about the egg.. I x fancy egg yolk unless it is well beat with the egg white.. Most burger parlors (got such word ke?) will just pecahkan the egg n ratakan on the pan.. Therefore it is sangat tak rata..

But as for Bob, he will pecahkan the egg in a separate container, add some condiments and beat it well before pouring it to the pan... As result, it is well beaten, with taste and fluffy... Bila dah beat, the egg will contain air thus become so gebu.. Ala.. Macam kita buat telur dadar at home - the more we beat, the fluffier it gets...

the 'wrapping' process of a double burger..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

From Bali & NZ with love...

A dear friend, Zarina got back from Bali n got me a body scrub with avocado extract.. It's cool one, well Bali is always known for it's spa n rejuvenation.. So at least I can have a taste of it at home...

Most important, she got the Bali Fridge Magnet which I asked her to.. Thus extend my HRC FM to six (baru 6 :). Still a long way to go.. (Anyone flying abroad pls lemme know.. Lol) 

Well she's a collector too.. In fact she the one who inspires me :D

Meanwhile, Edil's sister, Izan is back from New Zealand n got me 2 bars of Whittaker's Dark Chocolate - Dark Ghana & Ghana Peppermint.. Personally delivered to me..

How blissful. Thanks a bunch.. Appreciate it!! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lovely pressie from Edil n Mas

Received a lovely pressie from hub's bestie, Edil n his better half, Mas..

It is a lovely tailor made, personalized embroided bath towel. What made it special is that it is embroided by Mas personally..

Thanx a zillion to both of u... Loved it so much as it was really sweet n thoughtful of u to do so..

Muchas gracias ♡♥♡
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Blissful Sunday ツ

Had a long... Yet blissful Sunday..

Started with breakfast at Subway.. Despite the fact we didn't make it for Sub breakfast (as we arrived at 11.05am - closes at 11), we very much enjoyed our spicy italian..

Later in the afternoon we headed to Zilah's crib as she was holding a kenduri cum his son's birthday.. Met Zarina there. We've been friends since form 4, still close as ever n made a point to meet as often as we could. The theme was purple.. Gosh! How we loved her newly decorated interior..

The significant event was heading up to Genting to catch ABPBH. Was a last minute plan as I tot I didn't get any tix. Went up with hubs, my in law's n of coz the cutie pie, Yusry... Met Waty, neeta, Syuk n Capek after the show..

Finally we had supper at Bob's Burger of AU5, Lembah Keramat.. It was a bomb!! Sodappp... It's big n juicy.. Filled with lotsa sauces n loved the onion.. Sorry Ijan- me currrengs (curang)... Lol.. Guess both has their own specialties I'm yet to comprehend.

 Bob's double special with cheese...

  Bob's double special with cheese - breadless version

Ought to have a good rest or it's gonna be a maniac Monday ahead.. Thx for everything...


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Saturday, April 2, 2011

MFM's 6.90 fish n chips

I am a fish typo person n loved Fish n Chips, baked fish or anythg to do with fish so much..

Therefore, had good lunch at Manhattan Fish Market with my team. They had this dory fish n chips promotion for only RM6.90 - normal price RM15.90. Only available on April 1st- n it's real! No April fool ya ツ

Everyone of us had this promotion, except my preggy colleague whom had additional Wrap n Roll - it's tortilla tuna wrap.. Not too bad.. Comes with fries..

The promotion was great. The portion was appropriate n sufficient to fill one up.

Apparently it was a bit unpleasantly 'muak-ish' as too much of it is kinda oily n fishy.. Therefore I squeezed lots n lotsa lemon wedges on top of it.. And taken it with Ice Peach Tea to balance up the taste. A colleague of mine, Fyza had oreo beverage n didn't end up finishing her fish..

All in all, all of us had a good n worth lunch at MFM.. Worth the queue n waiting time.. I bet their sale boost amazingly due to this promo.. It had lotsa demand they just used disposable plates, thank goodness it was Eco-pak, which is environmental friendly.

Please have more of this, MFM ‎​Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡

Sedap n sangat berbaloi!!

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