Thursday, March 10, 2011

Uncle Chilli Amcorp

Dropped by Amcorp to meet a friend.. Since we were there, might as well have lunch there.. As for me, the only thing I had in mine is Subway hehehe... But plsss, can always have it in Shah Alam Mall knnn...

Hubs took me 2 Uncle Chilli at the lower ground floor.. I was like.. Uncle Chilli?? But it has totally nothing to do with the one in Hilton PJ.. Lol

Hubs had Thai Style Chicken Chop Rice.. The rice is almost as good as The Chicken Rice shop.. The Thai style chicken is really tasty.. Just like the one we use to have in Brickfields.. Around RM9 plus..

I had Golden Beancurd.. Served with Broccoli.. Apparently the broccoli is not as much the one in pic.. Hehehheee.. But it was really filling.. Kenyang sggt.. Cost only RM10..

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  1. uncle chillies ..PJ Hilton...? woww.. tetiba rasa muda kembali... teringat kesah muda2... :P .. hahaha..

  2. ayeen,
    the taste is not bad...
    quite delicious...

    pj hilton? hehhehe
    xperlu muda.. now pun still muda kn...

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