Monday, March 21, 2011

Cheering Maizan up ♥

Maizan has always been a dear friend of mine.. Eversince..

Therefore, when she is feeling down, I did my best to cheer her up.. Even got her some balloons from Balloon Buzz..

Took her to Curve as she needed to indulge herself with some dessert.. Considering Tony Romas n Bubba Gump, but since craved for waffle, I suggested Gelare..

We had chocolate chips waffle topped by Chocolate Overload ice cream.. No doubt it was sinfully delicious..The service was kinda slow. Waited almost 20 minutes for a waffle.. But it was worth as it tasted good.. Crispy at the outside n fluffy in the inside..

Later we had a walk at the flee market n got Chocolate Strawberry..

It was a brief yet fun day out. Hope it had made your day, gal.. - just want u to be happy.. Do hang in there.. Don't feel too down for there may be blessing in disguise..

Love u heaps ♥

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  1. yay !!!
    kak amy
    u nieh..dah macam buku resepi bergerak.

    tau jerk..kat mana ada,tempat makan.


    untung kan..siapa jadi kawan u.
    kamu selalu buat orang 'UP'.

    *tgk belon..teringat cerita UP !!!!.

  2. ada2 je la u i megat..
    mana ada buku resipe bergerak...
    sebaik buka dapu bergerak...

    well, i syg my frens :)



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