Saturday, April 2, 2011

MFM's 6.90 fish n chips

I am a fish typo person n loved Fish n Chips, baked fish or anythg to do with fish so much..

Therefore, had good lunch at Manhattan Fish Market with my team. They had this dory fish n chips promotion for only RM6.90 - normal price RM15.90. Only available on April 1st- n it's real! No April fool ya ツ

Everyone of us had this promotion, except my preggy colleague whom had additional Wrap n Roll - it's tortilla tuna wrap.. Not too bad.. Comes with fries..

The promotion was great. The portion was appropriate n sufficient to fill one up.

Apparently it was a bit unpleasantly 'muak-ish' as too much of it is kinda oily n fishy.. Therefore I squeezed lots n lotsa lemon wedges on top of it.. And taken it with Ice Peach Tea to balance up the taste. A colleague of mine, Fyza had oreo beverage n didn't end up finishing her fish..

All in all, all of us had a good n worth lunch at MFM.. Worth the queue n waiting time.. I bet their sale boost amazingly due to this promo.. It had lotsa demand they just used disposable plates, thank goodness it was Eco-pak, which is environmental friendly.

Please have more of this, MFM ‎​Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡

Sedap n sangat berbaloi!!

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  1. hi kak amy

    ahh rindu gile kat blog ni, sbb byk kasi idea bab makan :p
    saya baca semua, tp takde masa nak komen.hehe

  2. rindu edz jua...
    it's ok edz.. yg penting u drop by... thx a lot :D


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