Monday, April 4, 2011

Blissful Sunday ツ

Had a long... Yet blissful Sunday..

Started with breakfast at Subway.. Despite the fact we didn't make it for Sub breakfast (as we arrived at 11.05am - closes at 11), we very much enjoyed our spicy italian..

Later in the afternoon we headed to Zilah's crib as she was holding a kenduri cum his son's birthday.. Met Zarina there. We've been friends since form 4, still close as ever n made a point to meet as often as we could. The theme was purple.. Gosh! How we loved her newly decorated interior..

The significant event was heading up to Genting to catch ABPBH. Was a last minute plan as I tot I didn't get any tix. Went up with hubs, my in law's n of coz the cutie pie, Yusry... Met Waty, neeta, Syuk n Capek after the show..

Finally we had supper at Bob's Burger of AU5, Lembah Keramat.. It was a bomb!! Sodappp... It's big n juicy.. Filled with lotsa sauces n loved the onion.. Sorry Ijan- me currrengs (curang)... Lol.. Guess both has their own specialties I'm yet to comprehend.

 Bob's double special with cheese...

  Bob's double special with cheese - breadless version

Ought to have a good rest or it's gonna be a maniac Monday ahead.. Thx for everything...


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