Monday, April 11, 2011

Burger Bobby, Taman Permata

Despite the fact of me being head over heels, addicted n totally hooked for Ijan Burger of Paroi, Seremban.. We still have our crayzee hobby of gobbling something new...

Burger Bobby Simpang Tiga is a well known spot burger at the area of Ulu Klang.. Amongst blogger n forums.. After reading it via web, me n hubs decided to check it out, since we were somewhere around the area..

the list of products

Bob's lil spot is located at Taman Permata..

address :

5, Jalan AU 5C/1,
Taman Lembah Keramat,
54200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 013-640 2237 (Bob) / 017-268 1781 (Caer)

GPS Coordinate: N3 12.118 E101 45.278

waktu operasi secara rasmi :1pm - 4am (according to Bob, it depends on the crowd)

Landmark : Giant TP

How we got there : - made our way via MRR2 -took the junction at Giant - straight ahead till u see a PAS signboard on our left (just before Petronas) - turn left - Bob's spot is on our left - u wouldn't missed it...
if u passed Petronas, meaning dat dah terlepas the junction...

Bob's lil corner adalah sangat comel (macam Bob jugak).. It's a cute stall located at one of the houses.. There are few tables n chairs for the customers to gobble. Heard it's a good lepak spot.. But i do wonder how they hang out looking at the space.. There are also several artist whom lepak here... Kewlness...

We ordered Double Special with Cheese - as for a start, i'd like something basic.. Just for me to get my bench of the taste n quality (furthurmore, it's what i like n normally order)... 

Just to share on how Bob got things done :

The way he got his patty done 
- there were 3 of us.. we ordered the same.. 
so that's the reason there are 6 patties...

I love burger special - but i am particular about the egg.. I x fancy egg yolk unless it is well beat with the egg white.. Most burger parlors (got such word ke?) will just pecahkan the egg n ratakan on the pan.. Therefore it is sangat tak rata..

But as for Bob, he will pecahkan the egg in a separate container, add some condiments and beat it well before pouring it to the pan... As result, it is well beaten, with taste and fluffy... Bila dah beat, the egg will contain air thus become so gebu.. Ala.. Macam kita buat telur dadar at home - the more we beat, the fluffier it gets...

the 'wrapping' process of a double burger..

fyi, Bob will ensure 1 portion for a burger..
meaning - if there were 3 orders, he will ensure he did the egg part 3 times...
Most burger guy will put 3 nos of eggs, put the patty in and divide to 3 portions accordingly...
But Bob will do it individually...
Eventho it's tedious n time consuming - guess it is fairer and the portion are distributed evenly...

This is one of his key point :
The onion is sauteed with special home-made sauce before it goes to the burger...
Normally it is served together with the vege and no pre-cooking...

The sauce part :
As others - Bob's sauce are lavish...
- he had it underneath the eggs plus more on top..
heard that the black-pepper (the same one he uses for the onion) is his home-made n specialties

Voila.... ready to be served

Caution - ia adalah sangat 'sinful'!!! lol

The bread-less version...

Bangsar-Babe patties
- it's square, taste different and cost slightly more...
- do refer to the top pic for it's price

Besides having burgers, Nasi Lemak Bungkus is also available.. i was skeptical in the first place and tot it was just like the normal Nasi Lemak Bungkus.. But this is really authentic, wrapped in full banana leaf, taste good and the sambal is sedap.. Not too hot... The best thing is the sambal is seperated.. So it is not soggy and we can limit the ammout to be consumed.. Coz not every can take pedas...
Fyi, it is made by Bob's Mum - patut la sedapp..

with the man behind the sinfully wonderful burger, Bobby

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  1. burger bob memang terbaik...geng-geng forum carigold slalu buat gathering kat sini...:)

  2. Omg, so big the burger!! I wonder how you eat it, Kak Amy! Haha ;)

  3. hoho..abg ipar lilo n ka dila slalu pi beli burger kat sne..lilo yg dah bertahun dok ampang pon x tahu..huhuhu

  4. ayeen,
    mmg big.. but that's double..
    guess, single will do u good, ayeen..
    btw, i ate with spoon..

    kazen akk yg dok area sana pun xtaw...
    patut try la lilo...


    - Lina RD

  6. lina,
    do make yrself here, first :)

  7. makan malam tu kat rumah.
    habis terbluekkkk sos jatuh kene carpet.
    yay !!!,messy lah burger nieh.
    hahahahahaha...dah macam ada kes pembunuhan dah kat rumah nieh.Bila tgk ada kesan tompok2 kat karpet nieh.

    tapi tu lah...dia macam burger ganja gak.


  8. megatttt...
    burger ni mmg dorg bgi award "most messy burger"...
    ni sure makan depan tv kn...
    mmg mcm ganja...
    me da addicted..

    nt kita pg sama kay - we try bangsar babe plaks...


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