Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Made in Banting

Banting is the principle town in the district of Kuala Langat (many people often got confused with Hulu Langat). The name Banting may have been tarnished lately due to some cruel evil devil that appeared to look like human.. Kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga... huh!

To me, Banting a noble town. Be it whatever blunder happened in this town, the town is still noble. The guilty ones are the people, not the innocent town. It's where Dad came from.. and where he is laid to rest (Al-Fatihah)...

Eventhough I wasn't born nor live here.. It is still my hometown... I grew up here... I often balik kampung and still do...

As far as this entry is concerned, there are few stuff that I'd like t highlight about Banting... The foods precisely...

Restauran Tawaqal

This restaurant is damn ancient... Imagine from 1941...

This restaurant is an old skool one.. Buruk je dis place.. Nothing extraordinary about it.. But i personally felt it is authentic yet humble one...

There's a cabinet that places several kinda tobacco inside... Somehow reminds me of Dad...

The best about this place is it's Mee Rojak... It's really simply yet tasty. What made it good is the gravy, i guess.. There are two types of gravy - kuah pedas or kuah manis. Always go for Kuah Pedas, which is really spicy... Could feel all the spices (dekat hujung-hujung)...

Just as normal mee rojak, it contains normal rojak - tauhu, egg, cikodok, tauge, n such.. Plus the noodle.. By the way, I hardly take any mee rojak but this one from Tawaqal...

Besides mee rojak, the mee goreng mamak is not too bad... Well this not ours, juz took a shot after the mamak cooked it.. Ya, ia sangat shaky... and it is looks bad... Maafkan saya wahai Ticer Megat...

Cendol Ibrahim @ Cendol Banting

This is another famous one since i was still a kid.
Let the look says it all.. What i loved about it is the red bean... the more, the merrier.. hehhe... X mahal pun, around RM 1 plus per bowl.. less than RM 1.50 if m not mistaken... The best thing about is is the mamak scraped the ice manually, not by using any kind of electric machine as normal cendol parlor does so (not too worry, it's hygienic tho... lol)

Authentic Bread

Will always drop by here whenever we check out the town area. It's located at a row of old shop houses, by the post office on a junction to Pantai Morib... The bread may not taste as good as the one served at kopitiam, but it's pretty ok... Sold at a very reasonable price.. Best taken with home-made kaya... Still remember the good old days, when the kaya was placed in a condense milk can (bekas susu pekat manis) placed in a transparent plastic and tied with tali rafia... perrghhh....

Well, i just lurveee this small town... enuff said...


  1. wow, saya suka entry ini kak amy. small town, tapi penuh kesedapannya :D Restauran Tawaqal pernah dgr.

    Cendol tu kan, berapa lama mamak tu ambil masa "sagat" ais tu. saja tanya, tak pernah tgk buat manual :)

  2. edz,
    thx a lot.. inilah kampung ku - pekan dia kocik gils...

    x lama la.. x sampai 1 minit pun utk semangkuk

  3. nice, i like but my son ask me...

    nape x tunjuk SR,McD,KFC & The Store?
    (faham2 la children nowdays...)

    i feel like - mmg salah ibu mngandung! Muahaha..


  4. kak mimi...

    thx 4 dropping by...
    ya Ampuns!!! comeyla dorg ni...

    xla... bukan salah ibu mengandung, one day dorg akan faham gak :)

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