Friday, May 18, 2012

Nasi Arab + Ayam Golek, Ibrahim Al Khaleel street

Hubs is the kinda person who loves to jalan-jalan. As i mentioned on my previous post that we stayed at Haneen Al Firdous Hotel which happens to be a busy street of Ibrahim Al Khalil, he found so many interesting places.. Especially when makan-makan is concerned. It was such as Nasi Arab, Ice cream, mango juice, etc.. Air tebu pun ada ok...

Amongst, I'd like to share this one restaurant of Nasi Arab + Ayam Golek nearby our hotel.. Dokek yo.. juz few doors away... The Ustaz said that this place is belonged to Pakistani.. Patutla sedap...
Firstly, order & payment needs to be made at the counter where this humongous guy with large wrist seats. Believed he's the owner.. The chicken is SR15 n rice is SR5. The bread is given free. Btw, it's spring chicken.

Then, receipt need to be passed to the guy at the processing area. 

Ayam Golek
(the one we had)

Ayam Bakar

Roti Arab

 Nasi Arab - 1 portion is SR5..
so banyak..
but their people can finish alone...


  1. Assalamualaikum Kak Amy. :) Lama tak jenguk blog akak. Thanks for sharing. Dapat banyak info dari blog ini.

    1. wsalam Edz,
      memang lama x update pun..
      so ada masa update la sikit2.. mana2 yg patut..


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