Sunday, May 20, 2012

Glimpse of Nabawi

Time flies fast.. Been a week since I came back from umrah... Moments will always stay fresh on my mind. Thus recalling what I did  when I was there at this particular moment of time. 

The Umrah trip took us to Medina straight from Kuala Lumpur. Another Holy Land besides Makkah. When it comes to Medina, it is most synonymy with none other than Al-Masjid Al Nabawi. Juz wanna share a glimpse of Nabawi.

serambi Masjid Nabawi
- lotsa people actually pray here.. i did. a couple of time.. anyway it's clean

The interior of Masjid Nabawi. Taking a picture of it is strictly illegal.. 
No camera/camera phone allowed inside..

The pillars - Al Quran are available almost at every pillars.
The thingy at the based of the pillars are aircond..

Prayer time indicator.
Do compare the time of solat difference compared to Malaysia.
Subuh (al Fajr) is as early as 4.30 am meanwhile Isya' is almost the same.

Capturing moment- outside Nabawi..

Some upon going back to the hotel..
The wind was blowing hard.. 
Almost tergolek... Subhanallah...

View outside Nabawi along the street - After Isya'

After Fajr


Our final Fardhu - upon wada'..
sobs :((

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