Thursday, May 17, 2012

Accomodated Haneen Al Firdous

Stayed at Haneen Al Firdous Hotel in Makkah. Which is located at Ibrahim Al Khaleel Street. It'a a humble hotel located on a busy street. Quite a distance from Masjidil Haram.. Around 10 minuted walk. As in bila dah azan, can still sempat ke Haram to jemaah minus the nice seat. HEheheheh..

This street is filled with lots of shops n people.. Quite a nice place to look for foods n to shop for jubah, henna, general goods and all souvenirs one needs once they come to the holy land. The price are competitive as to compared shopping complexes. As usual, these shop will close for fardhu. 

This hotel is one of Tabung Haji's official hotel beside Ghufran n others. Well it depends on the package, the more u pay, the close u are to Haram. For instance, Tok Ti can afford to pay 5digitis per pax, thus they stay at Zam Zam Tower, selangkah ke Haram, with view of Kaabah (i guess) from the room.

Nevertheless, it is a comfortable hotel despite the cute lift that can bare fits 5 pax at one time.. The service are good.. Make a complaint and they will get it fixed.. If they  don't, juz give another buzz...

They have good catering for the jemaah, meal place are at MZ floor for Malaysian & SR for Indonesian. The food are different for both venues. Tho the food are not lavish as a hotel buffet spread, but they certainly complete n taste good. Look at this :

Meal time... Comel kan 'jadwal makan' instead of 'jadual makan' :

Another good thing about this hotel is that it has ada store right at the footstep of it.. Known as : ASLAM Store... it sells jubah, kopian, sejadah, etc... yeayyyy :

a pose with Sis Anisah...

this hotel is on FOURSQUARE!! 
was hoping to become mayor tapi x sempat :p

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