Monday, May 28, 2012

Beauty of Nabawi

Referring to my previous post of Masjid Nabawi entitled Glimpse of Nabawi i'd like to share some other images of Nabawi's beauty. Personally, I felt that Masjid Nabawi is one on the mosque with greatest architecture plus finest finishing. Who am i to talk much about art...

I don't know much about art.. but i know that Masjid Nabawi n Masjidil Haram is simply beautiful n breath taking...Sebak kalau teringat...

One thing about Nabawi is that the security is damn strict & systematic.. Male n Female are separated. Not just from the entrance door.. but few metres before the entrance door.. Hence if from the gate boleh la walk together.. till one arrives to a partician which separates the sexes.

Therefore, one can never see the opposite sex inside the mosque..

the entrance.. this is the male side.. 
Look at the arch on top of the doors..

The rich & exclusive pillars..
The gold platter makes it look so royal..

The ceiling

This particular piece is taken outside Raudhah (Taman Syurga)

The outer part at Dawn

Me at after Fajr (Subuh)

The time where all umbrellas are up n widely open..

At one of the partician separating Male & Female

One unique feature of  Masjid Nabawi is the enormous umbrella attached to the pillars outside Nabawi.. Precisely at Dataran. Bet anyone who had been to Medina is aware of this. Some calls it Mushroom.. It does have the concept of mushroom. Opens daytime & closes upon Marghrib.. Comel sangat :

The closing process

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  1. Wow! These places are so beautiful! I'm impressed! : )


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