Monday, June 20, 2011

Breakfast at Pasar PJ

Hubs a some work to be done at Petaling Jaya on a fine Sunday morning... Followed him as it was an off day.. Thought of having breakfast.. Wondering where to have it..  (Adenium suggested to have lontong at sec 14 but was at another side) 

Since i was in the 'reminiscing childhood memories' mood, took him to PJ Market.. The place i normally go marketing when i was in PJ. Yes! it was indeed the wet market but i remembered there was a section for food...  

Just to share what we had :

 Murtabak -it's so comel.. RM 3 jer..

 yet so thick.. filled with lotsa meat n onion..


As far as I'm concerned, apom is an authentic Indian meal / dessert... A bit hard to find a good one... It's has some crispy edges (macam kerak) n fluffy in the inside... A little sweet... Accompanied with some kind of gravy.. Macam santan cair.. Semi-sweet..    

ps : our family calls it SERABAI (bukan serabai as in yang comot n bersepah tu eh!!) but of a simmilar yet different type.. but Serabai xde kerak2..

 normal Apom

 Egg apom
- one may choose to have few types of egg apom.. Can have 'mata kerbau' n such.. 
Never had it before, so i chose to have it mixed...  
Belasah je lar :)

 The way they make it...

 the accompaniment - the container itself is rather authentic

  the specially made apom pan

Bet this is the man behind this stall.. Runs it with his children.. Heard from the lady next me that this is the best apom in town.. True in fact... Besides apom, there are other dishes such as tosei, rawa tosei, capatti.. etc...
 The scenarios at the food stall of PJ Market
(of coz la sgt humble - pls x expect much)

Before leaving, we got some stuff :
wantan noodle... 
so reasonable - only 40 cents each..

plus large yee mee, fucuk and soft tofu...

our home made claypot tofu... so lembut!!! yumms :)


  1. amy ..murtabak tuh... ken main banyak bahan nya... meleleh tengok hahhh...

  2. mmg banyak.. tebal... padat...
    walaupun size nye comel :)

  3. ok, saya sgt ketinggalan. tak pernah makan egg apom

  4. geram pulak tgk 'clayport tofu' tu.
    nak try buatlah....


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