Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Being Nabbed at AZIM

Having Asthma attack on the eve of Hari Raya Aidiladha is no joke... I was in need of nabuliser (nab)... Searched for an opened clinic all over Bandar Baru Bangi but the was no avail. Mum in law said to hub if there's clinic open, take her to Hospital Serdang.. Terus je pg emergency... Freaked out!! Owh tidak.. I don't wanna go there... weee....

Then I remembered that Hub's brother was on emergency and we took him to a private hospital.. Sine it's a hospital, bet it is open even on Raya eve.. Headed there and the nurse got me straight away to the emergency... There were a section for nab i guess - few chairs are lined up with the oxygen thingy... While the rest are all beds.

When they heard i got asthma, the doctor check me on stethoscope, confirmed and without much ado, they put me on nab... Since it was a hospital, things are complete and they do not need to install anything... Just put the (whatever) liquid to the thingy and put on on my nose...

Hubs were asked to wait outside... Being typical me, took several self pic while i was breathing this stuff... Then sent it via BBM to hubs... Heheheheh...

When I'm done, the assistant took me put of the emergency room and head straight to the pharmacy... They gave a liquid cough mixture.. We were told that the content is similar to the stuff i inhaled previously.

The bill was only RM 38.50... Including the nab n procedure.. We were like.. So murah... Even the treatment i got fom Alam Medic cost us almost 100 buck... And this less than 50 buckerues... Sangat puas hati..

Even if were to go to Hospital Serdang, bet the cost will be more.. As in the hassle.. time n all... Ntah2 siap lepas sembahyang raya kot... lol... All in all, we were satisfied and decided to come here should anything trigger while in Bangi...

Detail of the Medical Centre :

Az-Zahrah Islamic Medical Centre (AZIM)

No. 34, Medan Pusat Bandar 1, Seksyen 9,
Bandar Baru Bangi

Telephone: +603-89212525
Fax: +603-89212677  

ps : this hospital xde kene mengena dgn Azim Sharuddin yea...*wink*


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