Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wedding Dinner at Hj Sharin Low Grand

It was my cousin, Azlina's  wedding.. She is married to Farhan - a half Chinese guy. As for Farhan's side, they had 2 ceremonies. The main reception was held traditionally at Singgahsana Hotel, PJ (malay concept reception) while the other one is more to a dinner for selected close friends and family . Felt honored we were invited.. The theme was authentic Chinese wedding dinner, yet Islamic..

It took place at Farhan's Dad's Restaurant, Hj Sharin Low Grand which is located at Wisma Chinese Chambers, Jalan Ampang...
Got a cute chopstick as doorgift - inserted to a brocade material cover... Somehow reminds me to Megat la...
 when Amy meets Amy - here comes the double trouble when both are in Chongsam :)

Encountered prominent individuals, whom we highly respect : 
Ustaz Dr. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah...
With Dr Halim - he was one of Gaza the hostages
- he owns Poliklinik Al- Hikmah, at Worldwide, Sec 7 Shah Alam... Do check it out...

Okie... Here comes the 9 course Chinese dinner....

Four Season Starter
- loved the prawn, baby octopus and the crusted one...

the most awaited - Crab Meat Shark's Fin soup
- sharks fin always made me feel good... best taken with vinegar n cili padi...

the part-time waiter - whom help u clear the whole bowl... lol

Chicken ala Thai

Steamed Garoupa
- the flesh were so lembut and flaky.. it does not get smashed easily as Siakap does...

Salted Egg Prawn
- sedappp... lemak but not too masin...

Mushroom Tofu Special with small White Cabbage

- loved the Tofu most

Chinese fried Rice with Anchovies
- most of the guest were too full to consume..

Chinese Pancake with Mini Pau
- the pancake is so crispy and the pau is damn fluffy...
Geram with the tables yang x habis as we didn't have enuff...

Ginseng Sea Coconut
- no doubt that the Ginseng does not taste so good, but the tasty sea coconut makes it balanced.. finished all the Ginseng as we knew that it cost a fortune..

Traditional Tea Session with parents

Yaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Seng!!!

the bride's brother - Joe n his lovely better half - Amy
cool giler la dok dgn dorg ni - for 2 consequence nite... sucha great makan-makan buddy...
cuz, should do this more often la :)

Many happy returns to the bride n groom...
Apparently Leen looks more Chinese than Farhan :)


  1. Chinese fried Rice with Anchovies.
    tu my fav lah.
    yaya !!!

    kak amy
    me sangat berpuasa hati dengan post u kali nieh.
    picca dah besar gedabak.
    even kualiti picca pun dah ok.
    tak sia2lah,mengajar n bagi tips kat u.


    Selamat Pengantin Baru untuk Mr Farhan & Ms Farhan.


  2. rasa nak komen sal makanan...tetiba saya berkenan sesuatu. cantiklah. suka penampilan kak amy tu. :D

  3. muhammad,
    i know u like fried rice...
    n yr nasi grg malam 2 mmg ssggt sedap...

    thx a lot 4 the compliments..
    i owe u one...
    semoga megat akan dpt kebaik diatas segala ilmu..
    preciate it...

    heeee... thx a lot...


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