Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Thing that Means Something

who would ever thought... a few cupcakes that looked rather biasa (as in nothing extraordinary)... could actually cheer a heart up... thus, became somekind of remedy and somehow cheered my Darlink Megat up... x caya? read his entry... lol

When little thing could actually mean something :)
the pleasure of making someone happy is amazing...
it gives joy... happiness... and well, it's simply indescribable...

ps : the cupcakes (bukan cupcukes, ye Megat :) looked so cantek in the pic... and... your entry made me touched!!!


  1. kan dah kata..
    glad to have such a supportive cousin like u.. cuma kengkadang ko tu sewel...muahahaha...!

  2. i think, its not about what the item is.. but more to the love n sincerity when u give em to megs ;) so sweet of u :)

  3. hohoohho
    tq kak amy gaga

    yay,lepas nieh.
    ramai lah yg demam mengejut.

    ps:out dah gie jogging. Nak bakar balik semua kalori dari 3 cupcukes tu. hohoohohoh

  4. ya,
    yeayyyy... bukan kekadang la, aku rasa most of the time aku meng'sewel'kan diri... hohoho!!!

    gheeeee..... thx wawa...

    my pleasure meggs...
    biarlah dorg nk demam ke, nak apa ke, but only special people in my life will be treated dis way :)

    adoyyy... u sggt gigih la meggs... i da makan lebih dari 3 n x jog pon.... uwaaaaa.....


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