Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Oldtown White Coffee (section 13 Shah Alam) sucks!!

Always been to Oldtown White Coffee, section 13 Shah Alam as it's location is rather convenience and strategic.. Ample parking, easy access n comfy..

Nevertheless, I don't deny that there are times the service is rather SLOW! Considering that it's something minor, we tend to 'close 1 eyes'..

But what happened today was a bit too much. A friend of mine, Syuk ordered BBQ Rice (or so). After sometime he still didn't get his order when Ray n Megat already got theirs. Apparently Ray's order was the one that needs extra preparation time.

When we checked, the supervisor claimed that all orders had been sent. Meaning that Syuk's order wasn't keyed in. Therefore, he had to wait another century for his meal which amounted to 1 hour and 30 minutes for a miserable dish to be served.

As for my roti bakar, it was already cold n hard when it was served. Meaning that it's served long after it is ready.

The best thing was no discount were given despite our dissatisfaction. The supervisor is not granted to do so. And no manager available.

Gonna make formal complaint and sent it straight to HQ. Enough said!! 


  1. kita bako
    kita bako

    kita bako balik semula,roti bako tu !!!.

    me dah kenal u hampir 4 tahun.
    ini kali pertama,eksiden..roti bako u..sejuk macam tak di bako.

  2. ishk..yeke..selama ni kitorang lepak situ takde apa masalah pun. hehe. len kali try yang seksyen 7 lak la..situ ok gak...

  3. Tindakan yang bijak. biar ingat sikit.

  4. megat..
    kalu ikut hati, mmg nk bako...
    tp pk kene lagi lama - redha je lar..
    lgpun me duduk terceruk dkt hujung, sggt malas nk bangun...
    cuba kalu dok dalam, siap masuk kitchen kot :D

    sek 7 ok sket kot.. ntah la...

    hope dorg akan take note... x larat la...


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