Saturday, August 14, 2010

Review on INTEKMA's Ramadhan Buffet 2010

Referring to my previous post, there was an Iftar session at INTEKMA for press and bloggers.

This post is basically to link on blog which did review on it..

A wonderful yet one by Red Mummy :
Do click here link below to check it out

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Mohd Imran he did a wonderful entry on it. And great pictures, too..

Pic taken from

Do click the link below to check it out :
Ramadhan Buffet 2010 at INTEKMA


Meanwhile, there is another review on this by my one and only Megat Eusofe... With wonderful pics, too and review yang sangat gigih... Gosh! I've never seen his blog goes deep down on food but this time it does... And sangat detailed... M touched... Sob sob...

Do click here below to check it out...

Appreciate it, guys :)


  1. fuhh, terliur sy tgk murtabak ni..! hehehe :)
    heard this place serve very nice hidangan berbuka puasa eh?

  2. hoh
    wawa...u gie lah.
    nanti u tahu , betapa bestnya berbuka puasa kat sini.

    kak amy - hoh,tu lah. Me dah tukar channel plak. Elok2 dari discovery...terus jadi AFC.

    tak pa , sekali sekali ok lah.
    but if nak selalu...hurm , tutup lah periuk tanah u nanti..hohoohoh.

    tq sekali lagi , atas jemputan itu k.


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