Monday, May 28, 2012

Beauty of Nabawi

Referring to my previous post of Masjid Nabawi entitled Glimpse of Nabawi i'd like to share some other images of Nabawi's beauty. Personally, I felt that Masjid Nabawi is one on the mosque with greatest architecture plus finest finishing. Who am i to talk much about art...

I don't know much about art.. but i know that Masjid Nabawi n Masjidil Haram is simply beautiful n breath taking...Sebak kalau teringat...

One thing about Nabawi is that the security is damn strict & systematic.. Male n Female are separated. Not just from the entrance door.. but few metres before the entrance door.. Hence if from the gate boleh la walk together.. till one arrives to a partician which separates the sexes.

Therefore, one can never see the opposite sex inside the mosque..

the entrance.. this is the male side.. 
Look at the arch on top of the doors..

The rich & exclusive pillars..
The gold platter makes it look so royal..

The ceiling

This particular piece is taken outside Raudhah (Taman Syurga)

The outer part at Dawn

Me at after Fajr (Subuh)

The time where all umbrellas are up n widely open..

At one of the partician separating Male & Female

One unique feature of  Masjid Nabawi is the enormous umbrella attached to the pillars outside Nabawi.. Precisely at Dataran. Bet anyone who had been to Medina is aware of this. Some calls it Mushroom.. It does have the concept of mushroom. Opens daytime & closes upon Marghrib.. Comel sangat :

The closing process

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Glimpse of Nabawi

Time flies fast.. Been a week since I came back from umrah... Moments will always stay fresh on my mind. Thus recalling what I did  when I was there at this particular moment of time. 

The Umrah trip took us to Medina straight from Kuala Lumpur. Another Holy Land besides Makkah. When it comes to Medina, it is most synonymy with none other than Al-Masjid Al Nabawi. Juz wanna share a glimpse of Nabawi.

serambi Masjid Nabawi
- lotsa people actually pray here.. i did. a couple of time.. anyway it's clean

The interior of Masjid Nabawi. Taking a picture of it is strictly illegal.. 
No camera/camera phone allowed inside..

The pillars - Al Quran are available almost at every pillars.
The thingy at the based of the pillars are aircond..

Prayer time indicator.
Do compare the time of solat difference compared to Malaysia.
Subuh (al Fajr) is as early as 4.30 am meanwhile Isya' is almost the same.

Capturing moment- outside Nabawi..

Some upon going back to the hotel..
The wind was blowing hard.. 
Almost tergolek... Subhanallah...

View outside Nabawi along the street - After Isya'

After Fajr


Our final Fardhu - upon wada'..
sobs :((

Friday, May 18, 2012

Nasi Arab + Ayam Golek, Ibrahim Al Khaleel street

Hubs is the kinda person who loves to jalan-jalan. As i mentioned on my previous post that we stayed at Haneen Al Firdous Hotel which happens to be a busy street of Ibrahim Al Khalil, he found so many interesting places.. Especially when makan-makan is concerned. It was such as Nasi Arab, Ice cream, mango juice, etc.. Air tebu pun ada ok...

Amongst, I'd like to share this one restaurant of Nasi Arab + Ayam Golek nearby our hotel.. Dokek yo.. juz few doors away... The Ustaz said that this place is belonged to Pakistani.. Patutla sedap...
Firstly, order & payment needs to be made at the counter where this humongous guy with large wrist seats. Believed he's the owner.. The chicken is SR15 n rice is SR5. The bread is given free. Btw, it's spring chicken.

Then, receipt need to be passed to the guy at the processing area. 

Ayam Golek
(the one we had)

Ayam Bakar

Roti Arab

 Nasi Arab - 1 portion is SR5..
so banyak..
but their people can finish alone...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Accomodated Haneen Al Firdous

Stayed at Haneen Al Firdous Hotel in Makkah. Which is located at Ibrahim Al Khaleel Street. It'a a humble hotel located on a busy street. Quite a distance from Masjidil Haram.. Around 10 minuted walk. As in bila dah azan, can still sempat ke Haram to jemaah minus the nice seat. HEheheheh..

This street is filled with lots of shops n people.. Quite a nice place to look for foods n to shop for jubah, henna, general goods and all souvenirs one needs once they come to the holy land. The price are competitive as to compared shopping complexes. As usual, these shop will close for fardhu. 

This hotel is one of Tabung Haji's official hotel beside Ghufran n others. Well it depends on the package, the more u pay, the close u are to Haram. For instance, Tok Ti can afford to pay 5digitis per pax, thus they stay at Zam Zam Tower, selangkah ke Haram, with view of Kaabah (i guess) from the room.

Nevertheless, it is a comfortable hotel despite the cute lift that can bare fits 5 pax at one time.. The service are good.. Make a complaint and they will get it fixed.. If they  don't, juz give another buzz...

They have good catering for the jemaah, meal place are at MZ floor for Malaysian & SR for Indonesian. The food are different for both venues. Tho the food are not lavish as a hotel buffet spread, but they certainly complete n taste good. Look at this :

Meal time... Comel kan 'jadwal makan' instead of 'jadual makan' :

Another good thing about this hotel is that it has ada store right at the footstep of it.. Known as : ASLAM Store... it sells jubah, kopian, sejadah, etc... yeayyyy :

a pose with Sis Anisah...

this hotel is on FOURSQUARE!! 
was hoping to become mayor tapi x sempat :p

note : 3 pics are taken from

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Haram... I'm in love...

Assalam everyone...
Been sucha long longggggg time since i last blogged donkey years away...

Just got back from the holy land couple of days ago..
It was sucha lovely, sweet n sacred trip ever... Topped all the trips of my life...

Just wanna share a pix of us at Baitullah (Kaabah). Being there simply dropped my heart n soul away.. Shading tears were normal. We were so blessed we could be there.. Being so close to Baitullah - a place where all Muslim pray towards. Its our Kiblat. Our direction of life...

Alhamdulillah, managed to undergo few circle of Umrahs (ihram, niat, tawaf, saie & tahlul).
Managed to be at Pintu Kaabah, pegang kaabah & kain kaabah n solat n Hijir Ismail. Hubs kissed Hajar Aswad. Not an easy task doing all those. Takes a lot of doa, hardwork, patient & determination.

Leaving Baitullah was indeed a very very to do.. As others said, Tawaf Wada' (goodbye) was the saddest moment ever.. Being there was not easy.. Afeter spending around a week of peacefulness n feeling so close, we had to say goodbye. Turned around to look at the Kaabah for more than 20 times before we left Masjidil Haram.

Anyway, got several pics of posing at Baitullah. Camera is forbidden. All pics were taken using my humble Blackberry (also forbidden). But then, pandai2lah...

Thax a bunch for all the doa n kiriman.. May Allah bless all of us :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Phad ThaiPAN

Phad Thai is a Thai-Muslim Restaurant... Despite being located next to a Chinese Restaurant.. The location is rather secluded.. but it is located next to the multi level parking.. Behind Hong Leong Bank..

The address :
21, USJ 10/1C,
Subang Taipan,

Subang Jaya, Selagor.
(monday- close, Tues - Sun - 10am-10pm)

  The yellow signage really stand out especially at night

 First thing first... Lets look at the Halal Certificate.... Yes! it's valid n not expired...

This place uses stool... Therefore, it's not suitable to lepak here... Have your meal and get going... lol... Hanging out may not be a problem.. As most most kopitiam (Pak Li precisely) uses stool.

 The cutleries are placed here.. Practical and neat...

 Lets have a look at the cuisine... This time around, we didn't order much.. We had fish n fish... 
As in Fish Tom Yam Kampung and Steam Fish with lime...

 The rice uses Beras Siam.. It's definitely delicious n smells great...
The thing i like most I the squarish presentation... Comelll

 We had Kampung Tom Yam.. Kampung means clear Tomyam while the other is red tomyam..
I prefer clear as it is mild and not too heavy..
 The taste is really great and the amount of fish is generous.. Puas makan..

 We ordered Large Siakap Steam Limau..
Sedappp... Not too sour nor too sweet...
 Just nice...
ps : Writing about it makes me drool :p

Our favorite drink - me hot pandan tea n hubs loves the Thai syrup..
Feeling fresh after having both as the flavors are really deep..
 The syrup are even for sale.. The blue is for green syrup...

 Thab Thin Krob for dessert... It is one of the signature dish here..

The pink seeds are water chestnut wrapped with some kinda tepung pulut.. The yellow strips are jackfruit... 
Do ask for less sweet.. as the kurang manis version is still sweet.. Imagine the normal sugar content.

remark : This is a complete no no for diabetic n someone undergoing a diet.. It's sweet.. It has santan.. n carbs.. n all ;)

There's a section of the restaurant that displays lotsa items from Thailand for sale.. There are syrup, cashewnuts. instant noodle, Thai Sauce (nam pla), Thai Mihun and lots of other Thai goodies..

My favorite is Kacang Koh Kae.. As for me, the best is chicken, original n coffee. Heard it came out with other new flavour.. Eventhough it sells at a higher price, at lest we know where to get those stuff in town...

 M so gonna check out again and try the Bangkok Omelet. Do check it out!!!